Wednesday, August 6, 2008


a jar of dead bugs I found and a tiny "miss me" confection heart
bumble bee, caterpillar and butterfly wings
you have seen my softer side...buttery and soft colors painted on circles and little paintings of birds and deer. those things are made over time and mostly in thoughtful calm times. every once and a while I get hit with inspiration like swift blow to the head (not as painful as it sounds!) I had collected little dead bugs I found and put them in a jar...just, well, I don't know why - but then I found this little heart at a later time and knew where it had to be. a little creepy - but every time I see this little jar it kinda breaks my heart again. I made this in 1998.


kim* said...

wow that is pretty dark and sad

kristen k said...

sorry :/
being a human is pretty wild ... I try to accept and acknowledge many of the feelings I have. light and dark. I'm generally a chipper kind of girl - but I can be pretty intense at times and dig deep.